Maldives Tours

Want a tour around the Maldives?

With over 1,000 scattered islands, getting around the Maldives is not very easy. You can make use of the domestic airways, sea planes or helicopters to see most of the islands and atolls from a birds view. The domestic airway services operate regular and offer very scenic flights to the four air strips in the outer atolls. Ideal for the photographers to capture breath taking images of beautiful island scenery, Maldives Speedboat transfers are also available.


Male’, the capital is populated with businesses and retail shops, restaurants, residential houses, government buildings, and a museam. A stroll around it would offer interesting sites, memories and would provide an insight into the life and livelihood of the residents of the capital. There are a few small parks dotted around the capital and are ideal for tourists to just relax and observe the pace of life.

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